People tint their cars for a variety of reasons, so whether you’re a fashion conscious driver or safety conscious parent (or a bit of both) there’s sure to be a great reason to tint your car - here are just some of the many advantages of window tinting.
Increased comfort

Especially good if you’ve got kids in the back – the tinting film can reduce the heat that enters the car by up to 46% (using a 5% film).  This puts less strain on air conditioning units (and therefore fuel costs ) and enables the vehicle to cool more rapidly, even when the temperature is high outside.

Blocks UV rays

All our films filter out 99% of UV rays and since these are causes of skin aging and skin cancer, that can’t be a bad thing.  Great for families; great for everyone!

Additionally, the combination of UV rays and solar heat can cause the interior upholstery of your car to fade and plastics to deteriorate and crack so tinted windows can keep your car looking younger for longer.

Increased safety

Another biggy for the parents, and people who regularly carry passengers, but also worth considering for anyone: automotive glass is tempered, which means that if it breaks, it shatters.  Window film will hold the glass in place, protecting anyone on the inside from injury, if the worst happens.  If this is something you would like to benefit from, but you don’t want your windows tinted, we can get clear film which do the job just as well.

Added security

If they can’t see what’s in your car, smash and grab thieves are less likely to risk breaking into it.  Tinted windows can also make it more difficult to break into your car because they hold the glass in place so the theft would take longer – which isn’t ideal for an opportunistic thief.  Definitely worth considering if you’ve invested in your sound system – though actually also if you ever leave anything in your car including (sadly) buggies or children’s car seats.

Reduced glare

Tinted windows keep the sun out of the eyes of your passengers and stop it from interfering with games consoles and other screen based entertainment gadgets.  We can also fit a sun-strip along the top of the windscreen, which won’t contravene regulations, but will help to keep the sun out of your eyes – especially good in the winter months when the sun is low on the horizon.

Enhance the look of your vehicle

Obviously, even with numerous other benefits, some people just like the aesthetic of tinted windows, and fair enough - it can complete the look of a new vehicle and give a bit of a lift to an older car.

Increased privacy

A good one for professional drivers and families, and for those who simply value their privacy – you need never fear that tourist bus driving past when you (or the kids) are in the middle of a quick back seat change of outfits and with darker tints, you can still see out while the windows are opaque to anyone outside the car.