We have a full range of tint shades in stock, so whether you’re after a subtle sunshade or a sleek, sharp look for your cars, we have something to suit your needs.  You can mix and match tint shades, so you can have lighter shades on the front windows and darker on the back at no extra charge.

50% Tint: Light Smoke 

A 50% tint shade allows 50% of light to pass through film.  It's very subtle and great for people just wanting to take the edge off the bright light.

 35% Tint: Smoke 

This allows 35% of light through - it's still quite subtle and you can just about see through the windows into the car.

20% Tint: Midnight 

Allowing 20% of light to pass through film, this is really a darker look.  This is our most popular shade and it looks quite dark.  In most cases you can just see silhouettes through the film. Great for privacy and if your children can't see games or TV consoles in the back

5% Limo

A 5% tint is the darkest shade and only allows 5% of the light through - it will give you extreme privacy but will reduce visibility considerably, especially at night.  Many of our customers who choose this shade have commercial vehicles to discourage theft.