Vehicle Wrapping

Have you ever wanted to personalise your car to your unique taste? We can help you. We apply high quality vinyl wrap to roofs, bonnets, boots and wing mirrors, as well as to interior details, in the colour of your choice.

Whether you dream of a matt black bonnet or a hot pink roof, let your imagination loose and we'll help you bring it into being.
Want to extend that style to cover your lights? We can apply a MOT compliant mesh film to your lights to complete your look.

Don’t paint it, wrap it!

Need a change? You can change your car colour quickly at a fraction of the cost of a re-spray! At Carlitos Tints, we can professionally wrap your car (or just bits of it) using a coloured film. We all know first impressions count, especially with business, we can design and custom wrap logos and other vehicle graphics to help you impress and improve your chances of winning your next customer.

Car wrapping is the latest trend in vehicle personalisation. Allowing you completely change the colour and look of your vehicle, without that expensive re-spray. We can wrap the entire vehicle, a bonnet, the roof or other areas such as wing-mirrors and headlights using high quality vinyl wrapping film. There's a huge range of colours and finishes available, from high-gloss and flat-matte through to carbon fibre! We can wrap it all at Carlitos Tints.

Not sure? Just give us a call for some friendly advice.